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7147 Woodrow Wilson Drive 90068 – Gesner Architectural Boathouse

Posted by admin on November 19, 2014
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woodrow27147 Woodrow Wilson Dr
Architectural Boathouse by Harry Gesner
Los Angeles, CA 90068
2 Bd/ 1bth
Current Listing Price: $659,000

Quintessentially Californian and Newly on the Market, this cozy cottage getaway nestled in the Hollywood Hills was designed by famed Los Angeles Architect Harry Gesner in the Golden Age of Hollywood.  In 1959, Gesner’s boathouse came to fruition when Bathing Suit designers Fred Cole fell in love with the complex blueprint and imported Norwegian shipbuilders to contruct the property at great personal expense.  The construction costs were huge but necessary–the Scandinavian ship-smiths were the only laborers with the expertise to shape the Redwood beams for the hull-like interior of Gesner’s boat-like treehouse (talk about doing whatever it takes for design!).

True to form, Gesner takes his romantic vision of a home floating on a hill to it’s logical extension, paying off the promise of a boathouse exterior, the property continues the seafaring fantasy inside with Nautical motifs throughout the property.  Besides being really meticulous and impressive, the result is a house that, above all, is just really freaking neat!

But wait…there’s more!harry-gesner-boathouse-hollywood-hills-29

Beyond the intrigue of the structure’s whimsical design, the house also boasts beautiful panoramic views of the iconic tree-covered hillside that surroud it stretching out into the San Fernando valley on the horizen.  So while not literally on the ocean, this “boathouse” does keeps true to it’s name by enveloping it’s inhabitatnts in a sea of natural beauty in lieu of water.

At this late date we take for granted that hard wood and and rounded boating beams exist as part of the common cannon of California-stye architecture but the truth is Gesner was one of the first — both popularizing and p erfecting the ocean-vessel-as-land-dwelling style of architecture.  In fact, Gesner is so well known for the style that his Wave House is cited as the main inspiration for the iconic sail-style roof of the Sydney Opera House. With all that pedigree behind it and a listing price of $659,000, 7147 Woodrow Wilson is a truly incredible deal in Los Angeles Real Estate and may very well be the most affordable piece of design history on the market.

With easy access to the 101 and within a stone’s throw of major Studios, we think that this Gesner architectural gem might just be the best property in LA for a savvy architecture fan looking for a second home — truly the ultimate pied-à-terre! But enough talk, we know why you really came to this blog post… MORE SWEET PICS:boathouse from hill view

Launched from a hillside dock, it looks as if these structural Jewels are about to set sail into the clouds. SO COOL!


Enter the Captain’s Cabin, Matey!

Right this way…

And Just like that, you’re transported to another world — your very own quantum leap into a swanky sailor pad with a fun sense of elegance and adventure.

Check out the exposed dark-wood beams, we love how they add a rustic edge to the open, airy ambience of the white wood ceiling.woodrow5

Newly installed hardwood floors and a retro-style stove blend seamlessly into the home’s structural style and mid-century sensibility.woodrow6woodrow7

Gesner’s streamlined design opens up the space and catapault’s the viewer into the home’s soaring views of the Hollywood hills.woodrow8

Yep, even the fixtures in this house are rad…


So are we looking at the left side of the Balcony or the Port side of the Bow? (Just fyi, to those who know ship lingo, that’s HILARIOUS.)woodrow10

View from the other side of the Balcony…Paradise much?woodrow11


This place is just really friggin beautiful.woodrow13

And also adorable…woodrow14

Stylish, in keeping with the theme, and full of interesting and unusual angles, this kitchen could teach a class on optimal use of space.woodrow16

The Master Bedroom, complete with a wall of windows to take in the breaktaking views.woodrow17

A true master cabin to be the Captain of your House-Ship!woodrow18

Bedroom No. 2 ain’t so shabby either.  A great place for your first mate or visiting stowaway!woodrow19woodrow20

Suprisingly spacious master bathroom – clean and bright in white.woodrow21

Another little stowaway bunk for good measure…woodrow22

A perfect private little nook to boot. Come. On.WoodrowWilsonBoatHouse_ARG

Bon Voyage Beautiful Boathouse!  We’ll never forget you!!!!

(Seriously though, call us if you want to see it!) 7147 Woodrow Wilson Drive 90068


To Learn more about this property or to see this home in person, contact:
Ed Faktorovich
Listing Courtesy of Jimmy Bayan, Keller Willams Beverly Hills